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Part 1

I woke up groggily, eyes still closed, to the sweet rhythmic songs of flittering birds. I got up, grabbed the clothes in my closet, and brought them into the bathroom. I undressed and got in the shower, turned on the water and dunked my head into the flow. I turned off the water, hair now wet, and stepped out of the shower reaching my towel. I dried off my hair and got dressed in today’s clothes and combed my hair. Having gotten dressed I had started to really wake up, I went downstairs and grabbed pop tarts and a glass of milk. After having finished my morning routine with the usual chaos of my family getting ready. I drove myself to JCCC and parked where I normally do in the clb parking garage. I attended my first class, calculus, and then headed to meet up with my friends. Nick was the first person I saw, I also noticed Austin who was sitting next to him.
“Hey” I said when I got over to their table, “what are you talking about?”
“Oh nothing,” replied Nick, “we were just discussing what we wanted to make you do first in monster hunter.”
“Ah, I see” I nodded in understanding. I sat down and conversed with them for some time before we heard multiple BOOOOMS that shook the entire building coming from outside. Startled we all rushed outside to see large purple lines in the sky moving at incredible speed and stretched the entire horizon. “What the-!” I exclaimed, cut off by the little purple lights falling gently down as if it were purple snow. The whole campus was in awe at the spectacle that be-fronted them. There were many quiet comments and questions about this weird phenomenon. I reached out my hand to catch one, and felt a rush of energy through me. The energy was hard to describe; it was as if I was excited, relaxed, happy, sad, and embarrassed at the same time. It was so peculiar, once I touched it other lights gathered to me and entered my body as had the other. The converging of the lights entering my body caused me to feel an extreme energy exactly the same as the single light, but this was much more intense. My eyes started to tear up, I looked at the rest of the campus and noticed similar things happening to everyone else. After the feeling cleared I went back inside, with Nick and Austin, to where we were before. Luckily that place had a TV and every news channel was talking about this event.
“This just in, the strange purple lights origin has just been found,” the female reporter said quickly. “The origin is still being investigated, but according to NASA the lights occurred from a large explosion in Brazil. More updates will be announced as more information is uncovered.”
What is this all about? I wondered. I’ve never heard of a phenomenon like this before… is it a natural disaster? What caused the explosion? What will happen to the people who touched the purple light? My thoughts kept churning and I went home. At home I continued to work on creating my novel that I’ve been trying to create for nearly a decade now. I called my friends on skype and steam to see what their opinions were about the novel. “So what do you think about the name Myr?” I asked Nick and Asiah.
“Meh,” replied Nick, “It’s up to you.”
“So helpful,” I retorted sarcastically. “Asiah, what do you think?”
“Well it sounds cool, but what would you use it for?” she asked
“Hmm, well I would need to make a list with all the qualities of it but…” I trailed off as my thought process started to take off.
“Michael you really need to stop going so much into world building and actually start the story, otherwise you’ll never finish it.” Criticized Asiah. “I mean I’ve come up with lots of projects with you and you haven’t finished any of them. I will not have your story or the comic die off, not this time.”
“Fine,” I sigh in compliance, “It’s just, I like to figure out everything about the world and its history before I can write anything.”
“No excuses,” Asiah argues, “You just need to finish what you started, even if you don’t know all of your world’s stuff. I mean I create characters all the time and I didn’t even have a world for them to inhabit.”
I sigh again, that is true, I mean I’ve seen and heard of a lot of characters she’s made. “Fine, well I’ll have to pick it up tomorrow my parents are telling me to go to bed.”
“Okay, see you.” Asiah replies in farewell. I go upstairs and take a shower. I sat there in the shower letting the hot water drip down on my skin and in my hair. I didn’t move as I closed my eyes and thought about what had happened today. That mysterious purple light was so weird… I wonder what it does aside from that weird feeling. I’ve never felt anything like it. How could I feel so many things at once? What were those emotions? I know one of them was happiness… one of them was sadness, why was I sad? I don’t know but there were more emotions than just happiness and sadness… I wonder if one of them was excitement or anticipation… but I also felt calm like this was perfectly normal… so strange. What was that last one? Ugh, I’m not good at recognizing emotions… what was it? I remember I felt like I didn’t want to be seen by anyone right then… and then I felt a heat rush through my body in pulsing waves of… anxiety? Like I wanted to get out of there, but I wasn’t able to… ugh, just thinking about it makes my body feel weird. I continued to shower for a while longer. While I sat there I felt weird, it felt like my body was liquid. I figured it was time to go to sleep so I got out of the shower, dried off, got dressed, and went to bed.
During the night I had one of my usual dreams. I dreamt of turning into a girl. I am transgender, I’ve wanted to be a girl for my whole life, but I just wasn’t able to put it into actual thoughts until 3rd grade. I’m also bisexual but I lean more to liking girls than I like boys. The dream was so fulfilling, but I also know that when I wake up I’ll still be in my male body. Little did I know, for I was sleeping, that the purple energy was slowly, painfully surging through me. It went through me like a tidal wave merging with all of my cells, and opening unopened magic pores. Once the purple energy completely fused with me it started to alter it. I would have been able to hear the bones cracking had I been awake. It ate away at my bones and changed my height from 5’ 6.5” to 4’ 11”. The next thing to change was my torso and abdomen, squeezing into my shoulders and making them thinner. It fractured my hips and expanded them, making them wider, more feminine. My rib cage also became smaller. After the bone structure was remade, my organs were altered, my testicles were slurped up into me followed by my penis which made a loud SLUUURCH! A womb was then created and all of my new female organs were organized. My muscles were then deflating, losing mass. At the same time my fat was redistributing itself, gathering in my hips and chest. I then felt a shocking, bubbling, pushing feeling at my chest. It continued to do this until I had developed milk ducts, my nipples grew and became erect while my breasts grew, bubbling up from my once was male chest. They grew larger and larger reaching an A cup, B cup, then stopping at C cup. My face was rippling as it was feminized, my eyes growing larger, mouth shrinking slightly, and nose becoming smaller. My skin stretched and pulled itself tight, growing soft and more sensitive. My body hair fell out as a shock pulsating through my body. The purple energy finally subsided, but was as if it went to sleep. And so changes done, the dawn came.
MonRevo Part 1
This is a TG (Transgender) TF (Transformation) story that me and my friend were working on together. This is a story using myself and my friends as the characters. 
I've found a friend who would be very accepting of me if I told her. I decided to test my friends and family by bringing up the issue of LGBT rights, and debates. I asked them what they thought about it and My friend answered in such a way that I am convinced that if I do come out with my being transgender, I'll be accepted and helped. The next step is to build up enough courage to tell her.

Right now I'm somewhat depressed. I feel like I won't ever be who I want to be, I feel like my heart is being split or torn apart. I'm having a war in my head between what my religion thinks is right, what my parents think is right, and what I think is right. I've had a war in my head like this for more than 10 years now, but now it's so much more prevalent because I don't know how long I can keep this secret. It's not good for my health, it's not good for my self confidence. Me, my body, they just don't connect the way I feel they should. I need to tell someone.


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